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Having worked on several mission critical systems for large corporation for over 5 years, C&R Technologies team has acquired an important experience implementing the complete life cycle of complex IT systems:
- Analysis - Conception - Realization - Quality Assurance & Documentation - Code Promotion - Support - Migration - Etc

Development strategies and the complete analysis phase of clients real needs are also part of their strength. The way C&R Technologies team develops efficient, simple and easy to use systems, greatly impact the end users training processes and the support operations, saving important amounts of money over time. C&R Technologies offers a multitude of services like:

Creation, remodeling, support, hosting of Web sites, Web applications and Windows base systems

Creation, remodeling or support of your corporate Intranet site

Infrastructure configuration

Database analysis, creation, optimization and migration


Analysis, Documentation, Training, Test cases and Quality control

All those services can be offered in the following technologies.

Most service request evaluation will start with a complete system or documentation review. To be followed by preliminary meetings or interviews between C & R Technologies Inc and the client. In continuous collaboration and communication with the client, an integrated business solution strategy will be elaborated for your new IT system in an iterative mode. C & R Technologies Inc specialists will then, implement the solutions that addresses the client specifications and specific needs.

In some cases, C&R Technologies will optimized application templates. The use of these templates can greatly reduce direct costs and delivery time.

C & R Technologies Inc always aim to stay at the top technological edge of the industry, you will recognize every time our team’s positive attitude, proactive actions and continuous innovations strategies during any business or technologic venture you start with us.

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In Conclusion, because of our important experience supporting many complete systems development cycle, a partnership with C&R Technologies will give you and your corporation an edge in many different IT fields.

C&R Technologies will help you elaborate a solution targeting the efficiency and optimization of your improved IT systems, making your operations lest costly thus affecting positively your baseline every time.
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